The Travel Redemption Program

A unique concept, redeeming the timeshare owner/vacation club member by eliminating the unethical markefing and sales techniques in the travel industry. Such as questionable inducements, high pressure misrepresentations, real-estate violations, "today only" availability, false promises and highly overpriced products.

Helping clients improve the quality of life and "restore" their travel needs and desires by providing a consulting service that enables, equips, and empowers them with a permanent resolution to their timeshare/club ownership using the correct and ethical exit strategy.

This program guides and serves clients with what they "need" rather than what the timeshare/vacation club companies "want" to pressure them into. A long overdue and necessary service needed for the travel industry specifically designed to "restore its integrity".

{Its core value and function}

We offer a mentoring and guidance procedure that takes the client through a simple, no pressure, strategy for the resolution of their timeshare/vacation club. Our format is clear, concise and complete with full knowledge of the industry and it's pitfalls.

We encourage and motivate clients to re-engage in an adventurous and healthy lifestyle. This improves ther health, sharpens their mind and produces WISDOM! This proven, twenty year, successtul format generates the "Ultimate Level of Excellence" in serving their travel needs and wants.

{Travel Redemption Services}

A) Consulting, Counseling, Guiding and Mentoring clients:

  1. Analyzing and evaluating their type and form of ownership/membership.
  2. Why not to donate their timeshare/membership for tax purposes.
  3. A title transfer option if their deed is free and clear. (SumDay Vacations)
  4. Terminating it ethically with the correct exit strateegy.
  5. What not to do any time you travel in the future - for your protection.

B) Guiding clients to a fulfillment company that provides a travel service at "true" wholesale prices. (not retail like: Travelocity, Expedia, Priceline etc.)

  1. For those who no longer own timeshare and wish to travel.
  2. A private "live" 800 number and user friendly website.
  3. An exclusive password protected "members only" travel service.
  4. With the most optimization, efficiency and features at the least cost.
  5. This is simply an option and is not mandatory.

This program is confidential and proprietary to TimeshareXit.com. No part may be altered, reproduced or electronically transmitted in any manner or form whatsoever without obtaining direct approval and written permission from TimeshareXit.com.

“Guiding travelers Truthfully and * resolving conflicts with Integrity”