A Timeshare Termination Program By Owner

We are ethically dedicated to serving our clients with honesty and efficiency in providing them the correct solution for their final resolution to terminate their ownership of a Ts/Vc. (Ts=timeshare/Vc=vacation club).

We simply guide them in a simple proprietary program that ends their headaches, frustrations, financial burdens and ownership of their Ts/Vc.

We educate, equip and empower our clients how to travel the right “narrow” high road and avoid the wrong “wide” low road. Our twenty year track record of a 100% customer satisfaction assures our clients that a permanent resolution is only a phone call or email away. We also are “former owners” of a timeshare back in the middle nineties, which was with the largest timeshare developer in the industry. When our maintenance fees tripled in less than ten years, we terminated our ownership.

Up to 2016 we were not available to the general public and only accepted clients on a “specific and exclusive” referral arrangement and only if they qualified under a financial hardship necessity. Our mission was not about generating a lucrative income, it was about helping abused Ts/Vc owners solve their problems at the lowest possible cost.

We operated professionally as consultants to attorneys, accountants, financial coaches and vacation club companies. Those industry sources always referred clients to us at no charge. (an industry “rare” no cost referral agreement)

This enabled us to serve those clients at a very low cost which averaged less than one years maintenance fees, well below any and all other Ts/Vc cancelation companies charges. They were charging thousands while we were charging hundreds for the exact same service. Our simple operation, with very low overhead, is what sets us apart from all others. We developed a unique proprietary format years ago that no one has nor can duplicate. We coach and mentor our clients in successfully cancelling their ownership through a very efficient and simple process.

We call it “U-Do-It” for a very small fee that is less than half the cost of one years average maintenance fee. If you became a widow or divorced co-owner after purchasing your Ts/Vc, you may qualify for an even lower “special exception” discounted fee. If you qualify as a client, then we will also at no cost, guide you through how to continue traveling as you were accustomed to but without the exorbitant and unnecessary cost you were burdened with as a Ts/Vc owner. Not to mention, the constant stress and difficulty trying to make reservations to get the time and place you wanted, needed and deserved but never received!

We encourage you to compare us to any other companies in the industry. We know you will conclude that we offer the most for the least. We are the only company in the industry to serve our clients with the most efficient process at the lowest cost possible.

“Guiding travelers Truthfully and resolving Ts/Vc conflicts with Integrity”